Welcome to the American Revolution II

Welcome to the American Revolution II
But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.
"We face a hostile ideology global in scope, atheistic in character, ruthless in purpose and insidious in method..." and warned about what he saw as unjustified government spending proposals and continued with a warning that "we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex... The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist... Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together."Dwight D. Eisenhower

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bedbugs and Islamic maniacs

If you haven't seen this guy before, you've missed an extraordinarily erudite speaker who was a comedian before he found his niche. He is serious when he is funny and he is funny when he is serious. And, boy, does he make sense. This is his latest, and I think the first of 2011.

Of course those who read Islam’s text and the fine example of Mohammad know that text, laws and Mohammad fully endorse the ‘right’ of Muslim men to take the women, children, property and land of the infidel not only in jihad or raids but any time they feel like claiming that the dhimmis have ‘broken their pact’ to be totally subservient to their Muslim overlords.   Such acts not only take children from their families and remove ‘reproductive’ females, but they generate fear and constantly enforce the powerlessness of the non-Muslims who receive little help from the police or government.  In this Islamic country the police and government are as dangerous to non-Muslims as the readily ignited Islamic mob.   Abduction, slavery and forced conversion to Islam is what Muslims call, bringing ‘enlightenment.’

Reports of Muslim men abducting and forcibly marrying and converting Coptic Christian women and girls have filtered out of Egypt with increasing frequency over the past decade. The emerging patterns

In this article, Nadia recounts some of the more distressing incidents she has encountered:
“In 1992 in the village of Sanboo (Upper Egypt) Muslims disabled 15-16 young men by cutting off their right arm at the shoulder and their left leg at the knee.   They killed 13.  No-one was charged.”

“In the report on the abduction (enslavement), forced conversion to Islam and forced marriages of Coptic girls to Muslims, none of those responsible for the abductions had been brought to justice.”

“If a girl is raped and manages to get back home there is no testing, no reporting and if you insist that a report be made, it goes no further.   If a parent reports abduction they are not permitted to have a copy of the police report.  Such incidents were brought to the Minister of the Interior but when the Ministry checked with the police NO information was there; it ‘goes missing.’”

“In a current case where the young girl who is very ill, was abducted, the mother was at the police station 5or 6 times a day because if her daughter doesn’t get her medicine she will die.  She told them she suspected a certain person.   But they did nothing and it’s been 3 years now.  She doesn’t know if her daughter is alive or dead.....she said ‘if she’s dead just give me her body.’ The head of police was interviewed when they were in Melbourne ‘visiting’ and he was asked about specific cases.  His response---‘give something in writing to prove the allegations.’”

“In Upper Egypt girls are approached by principals and teachers to convert to Islam!  If a girl reports them then she is accused of trying to seduce a teacher and expelled while the teacher is promoted.”

“In 2000, a village in Luxor El-Kosheh, 20 Christians were killed and no-one was charged!   The police ‘taking care of the investigation’ were promoted and given money for their ‘good work.’”

“Al-Azhar university which originally began as a theological institute teaching Islam and still trains imams, gives fatwas and ‘interpretations’ and allows entry to courses such as medicine, law, engineering  to Muslims who have much lower academic scores.  Muslims who couldn’t enter a normal university are ‘educated’ at al-Azhar which lets in poor standard Muslims and supposedly trains them as doctors and feeds them Islam’s hatred of non-Muslims.”  (Beware Muslim doctors for many reasons including poor overseas training!!)
“A mother of 5 with a sick daughter with severe anaemia went to the public hospital for her daughter’s blood transfusion.  She was told she had to pay but she didn’t have any money as she was very poor.  The doctor tells her to go across the road to the mosque and speak to the imam who enabled the transfusions and gave food and water but a Muslim man took her and the child to al-Azhar as conversions go through al-Azhar and they were converted on the spot, issued with an ID and then taken back to her town and placed in a branch of the al-Azhar which has over 500 branches or juristic associations.   These associations supposedly provide social work, medical advice etc to MUSLIMS free of charge.   What we don’t know is a ‘hidden section’ looks after ‘converts’ who are kept under lock and key with a guard and security system!  She stayed for 2 months under sedation—drugged—she could move and talk but wasn’t really there!  They forgot to give the medication and she started to feel that she was returning to her old self.  With a bit of luck and help she managed to escape and ran to the church with her little girl!

The Coptic priest had previously reported her missing to the police who claimed they didn’t know where she was.   When she returned to the church, the priest took her with him to the police to report what had happened.  They requested to keep her 24 hours to interrogate her ---in the middle of the night she was taken to a secret security place (people don’t know where they have their offices) and tortured.  She was taken and put in a room ½ filled with water in the middle of winter, beaten, offered money to stay ‘Muslim’; they broke 3 of her back teeth, forced her to defecate and urinate in front of the guards, etc..

The Church went to the governor...the priest said ‘I took her in in good condition, in ‘good faith’ and let her out of the custody of the church.’   The priest wanted the law to do the right thing, but they kept the woman for 3 days.   The church was trying to co-operate with the authorities...The police officer who did the violence to her was never punished or questioned and 2 months later received a promotion to another city (2003)

Right now she is constantly on the move with her 5 children.”

“The case shows the police involvement in pressuring women, forcing them to remain as Muslims, the role of al-Azhar...the force, drugging, threat of imprisonment ---WHERE IS THE LAW?”

“In Germany, Muslim convert Marwa al-Sherbiny was stabbed ---a one-off stabbing, Not religiously backed and not the result of endless discrimination and persecution---yet the whole world jumped up and down because a Muslim convert had been killed  ....but there’s not a word when Coptic girls are raped, drugged, abducted, killed...

“Copts question what’s going on---but they just claim it’s ‘individual cases’ or ‘incidents’ , not the government against the Christians yet every piece of evidence incriminates them.” 

“In the mid 1970-90’s there were straight abductions –girls would be walking down the street and were taken and never seen again.  Sometimes 6 months later the parents would get a letter saying the girl converted to Islam and now married.   The parents were forbidden any contact with their daughter!”
“But when some in the world became aware of what was happening, their strategy changed to luring girls and ‘seduction.’   Look at who is targeted –socially disadvantaged girls, little education, no money, little future.. 
Socially disadvantaged Muslim boys eg a person who doesn’t work, mechanic (lower class in Egypt), unemployed, someone who is just an errand boy etc are ‘paid to entrap’.   The boys are promised a flat or apartment, money to start a little business, protection from the police..”

Muslim girls are involved in the entrapment A Muslim girl (friend ha.ha) talks to a Christian girl – asks her to visit, go to the shops or visit ‘granny’ and a trusting person goes...before you know it she’s raped.   Once the girl has been raped she is seen in the Coptic culture as a second hand product particularly for poor girls and they are forced into Islam.  But converts are always second class Muslims and she is taken on to serve the first wife ---she is a slave.  Muslims enslave Coptic girls!

“The church has built crisis homes within the monasteries but the girls need more rehabilitation, some remain there for an indefinite period.   Families can be ashamed and may let the church care for the girl.  Some are married off to widows.   Is the church protecting the girls?   The Coptic culture needs to learn how to cope with the enforced shame Islam inflicts on them.”  
(I heartily agree –children are not responsible where adults rape and brutalise them and these girls are not responsible when Islam and Muslim men rape and brutalise them –they need every care and support so they can return to a normal life with their heads held high.   It is the sick depravity and violence to others plus the loathing of females that permeates Islam that bears all the shame and all the responsibility!)
 “(A worse case response from the primitive area of Upper Egypt)  El-Manya –This is the worst town in Egypt, which hosts the Muslim Brotherhood.  It breeds the most vicious Muslims. A girl  of 18 years with a 20 year old brother, the only 2 children, came home one day and said she had been raped by a Muslim and that to save the family from shame she would go convert to Islam—she had ‘died.’  The mother was too scared to speak to the father but told the son who spoke to the father.  They confronted the girl and while the father refused to punish her, the brother shot her......... and claimed she fell down the well.   The brother went to the priest for forgiveness...”
(Nadia said such violence to women was not part of their ancient Egyptian custom but developed from the Arab/Islamic culture forced on them.  Clearly some Copts brought up under the culture of Islam for 1300+ years where shame and honour reside in the ownership of women’s bodies and where women are held responsible for rapes etc must step out from this hate filled misogynist Islamic culture and both protect and support their girls and women who are the constant targets of Islamic abuse because Islam’s text and laws fully endorse the abuse of others.   Some would rather die than be forced to live as a Muslim slave.  Yes wouldn’t it be amazing if Islam’s culture changed but it won’t because violence towards and loathing of girls and women permeates Islam’s text, laws and Mohammad’s sick example!).
“Rich, well educated girls have some chance of safely claiming rape and possibly fighting a case in court.”  
Nadia noted that while some bishops/priests would allow her to speak to people, others would not.  
(This is the psychological aspect of centuries of dhimmitude; they have forgotten how to fight for equality and basic human rights, others fear violent responses if they dare to make public the ongoing abuse of Copts in particular.   Some as true dhimmis will do anything in the hope of being left alone –but they are never left alone!   I know Copts even in Australia who fear speaking out because they will suffer here and in Egypt!!   Remember, Mohammad was made victorious with terror  - DON’T let Muslims use fear to destroy our freedom and equality!)

(Mohammad himself and all those vile Muslims following have taken the women and children of others and enslaved, raped, and forced them into Islam.  This is a well tried plan which removes the breeding stock of others, often aided by the emasculation of non-Muslim males, and uses the wombs of women to breed Muslims and the children for the Muslims sexual enjoyment.   It is a means of ensuring the genocide or total submission and degradation of others.   The only reasons Copts still survive is they have a strong faith and they serve as communal slaves for Muslims often doing those tasks that Muslims refuse to do eg clearing rubbish –though the Egyptian government has now let this out to others and killed the Copt’s pigs that fed on the garbage and gave the Copts an income  (Lateline, ABC,  Australia 19/4/2010);–so Copts are becoming more ‘expendable.’   They are the exploited, reviled underclass even in ‘modern’ [ha, ha,] Egypt where any ‘justice’ that we would recognise never applies to non-Muslims.   Remember, Islamic ‘justice’ is something very different and horrendous for all non-Muslims.  Islamic ‘justice’ ensures the superior position of allah’s slaves, Muslims.)image to read the full story)
“Human rights issues:   There is no system for DNA samples ---and who could trust the police with such samples anyway!”

“If a Muslim male raped a Muslim female and she went to the police, he would be forced to ‘marry’ her for 2-3 days then divorce her (yes, those few magic words) -.   This is LEGALISED RAPE!!”
(***Reliance of the Traveller:  Law m8.10  p 535:   A man is obliged to pay the amount typically received as marriage payment by similar brides when the marriage was (N. Consummated, but) invalid OR when a man FORCES A WOMAN TO FORNICATE with him.   When a woman voluntarily fornicates with a man, she does not receive any marriage payment.    
Forcing a woman to fornicate is RAPE (virtually impossible for a Muslim female to prove without male witnesses!).  Fornication is sex outside marriage - this could at least result in a whipping --or death for the Muslim female eg Iran hangs girls for crimes against their chastity --ie being raped.   In some Islamic cultures the male can marry the female he raped, throw a bit of money to her or her guardian and enjoy her as his wife, then divorce her!  No problem, no punishment –lovely!  And it happens to Muslim girls in the Islamic world and in the west [Barenakedislam 2010].   This is how they treat their own Muslim girls—imagine the hell they subject Coptic or non-Muslim girls to!! )
“For a Christian girl –if she is forced to marry the Muslim male she is forced into Islam and then divorced!   But she cannot return to Christianity for she would be an apostate from Islam and you could be removed from the system ---you don’t exist, no superannuation, no hospital treatment, can’t get a job....so forcing girls into Islam is a means of killing them ....they cannot simply marry, divorce and return to Christianity for they nolonger ‘exist.’”

“In 2004 an Italian girl with a Lebanese Muslim boyfriend who wanted marriage began to feel unsafe and didn’t want to convert.   The boyfriend was becoming aggressive and threatening ...so the girl and her mother had to MOVE!  This case is in Australia, Melbourne"

“A Copt has a tattoo of a cross on their wrist but when a Copt ‘converts’ the Muslims burn the cross off using acid!”

“Following the claim that a Christian boy raped a Muslim girl, Muslims shot dead 7 people coming out of a church on 7th Jan 2010 (Coptic Christmas) plus the accused boy’s father and brother coming out of court at the first hearing.  The boy was found not guilty, there was no investigation, there was no proof the girl was even raped...the whole system is corrupt...they can claim anything, frame anyone...”
(Indeed it would be a very brave Copt male who would get anywhere near a Muslim.
 It should be noted that throughout Islam’s horror history, all sorts of claims are made to excite the Muslim mob to extreme violence as has been recorded in many of the articles on slavery.  It was the Muslim mob that slaughtered the Armenians on many occasions over many years after assertions from imams and ditto for attacks on Hindus, Copts, Assyrians, ....whom ever!   Note the Mohammad cartoons...ohhh, they’re insulting allah/Mohammad...kill, kill!
The claimed rape or contact with a Muslim female is of course a violation of the 'Dhimma pact' and although only one member of the subjugated group is accused of the transgression, the whole group is punished by the Muslim mob!   Whether such a ‘pact’ has actually been ‘signed’ is irrelevant  as Islam’s religion and culture set the relationship between superior Muslims and subjugated non-Muslims and this continues today.   These communal attacks by Muslims on others are frequently reported across the Islamic world including the middle-east, Africa, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, China (Uigurs)  eg torching churches, houses, temples, businesses and all forms of violence, rape, torture and murder.  
Australia witnessed the same when the angered Muslims who had caused the trouble in Cronulla with their abuse of Australian women and attack on a lifeguard, came back later and randomly smashed cars, shops and attacked people in other sites –yet Muslims are still a minority here so imagine how bad it could become if they are NOT stopped!!!!)   
“In Egypt, if 2 Muslims go to the police claiming they heard a Christian say allah was god and Mohammad his prophet, the Christian is forced to be Muslim.”
My interviewee claims that since the 60’s it has been impossible to find the Sirat Rasul’allah in Arabic in Egypt  because they are ‘modifying’ it, no doubt to fool the west but there’s still the Koran, hadith, laws ...though ‘English’ translations are a modified, sanitised version but still vile enough to scare any thinking person! **
Like the Israelis who treat Muslims, including those who have tried to kill them, in their hospitals, so do the Copts (El 2009).   But such kindness will not alter the Islamic dictate from allah and example of Mohammad to kill, enslave or totally subjugate ALL non-Muslims so all the religion is allah’s and sharia rules.
Both Copts and Christian converts out of Islam not only face severe persecution and death in Egypt, they are unsafe in Australia.  For the past two years, ''Mina'' has regularly phoned his mother in Egypt. But the 36-year-old is so scared for the safety of his family here and in Egypt that he has not told her he lives in Australia, instead letting her believe he is in the United States.  Following his conversion out of Islam in Egypt he was arrested, beaten and his passport taken –but he eventually fled to Australia but fears Egypt’s security police operating here (Jackson  2010).   A woman convert to Christianity, attempting to exit Egypt with her family was arrested, jailed, beaten, sexually attacked ...and told by the judge that he wanted to kill her! (Compass direct News 2009).
Insanely we allow Muslims into Australia while those suffering Islamic violence find it almost impossible to escape their Islamic hell hole. 
Insanely we treat Muslims as victims and look the other way, leaving the real victims, those suffering under Islam, unprotected.  We don’t even bother to report their suffering and totally fail to demand that non-Muslims in the Islamic world are treated as free, equal citizens with every right and protection expected in the west.   We don’t even bother to listen to their personal experiences of Islam or give them protection if they do manage to reach Australia!!
Why is the Islamic world excused from the demand that they behave as civilised people?  Why are Islam’s laws and practices tolerated in any way, let alone allowed to be practiced in western countries?   Why do we allow Muslim children in Australia to attend Muslim schools and mosques where Islam’s vile attitude to others is pushed into their heads from childhood, threatening the future and freedom of others in Australia!   Why do we have laws like the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act in Victoria which gag those who tell the truth about Islam because ‘TRUTH’ is NOT a defense against prosecution!

Why is the world silent on the violence, murder and persecution carried out by MUSLIMS!!!

From Bill Warners Bulletin of Christian Persecution -May 15, 2010 - May 31, 2010 (www.PoliticalIslam.com)
*May 22, 2010 United States/Egypt
Leaders of the Coptic Christians, whose community is facing growing persecution in Egypt, say they have been unsuccessful in efforts to gain a hearing from the White House or other parts of the Obama administration. (What else would you expect from Islam’s abeed/slave, Obama)

*Egypt, May
For nearly two years, El-Gohary and his teenage daughter have been living in hiding because he abandoned Islam and embraced Christianity. During this time he has been beaten and forcibly detained, and his daughter has been attacked. He has had to endure death threats, poverty and crushing boredom.

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